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About Mondasol

Mission : Produce and export the best fruit from South America to the world, been recognized for our quality, responsibility and fulfillment of our commercial commitments. .

Vision : We are a family business, producing and exporting the best fruits to the world. We seek to have a permanent growth, with technological capacity and efficient processes to deliver fruit in a timely and quality way. And also be a reliable and valuable export platform for our partners, suppliers and work team.


We offer delicious cherries from our farms to the world.

Other Fruits

We export chestnut, apples, plums and avocados !

IT Grower Support

We provide to our growers apps technology to follow their fruit along the supply chain to transparent all our process.

Organic & Conventional Blueberries

We offer organic and conventional blueberries to the world.

International Trade

Our fruits get to all the markets.

Cultivars Development & Nursery

We are developing a number of cultivars with better flavor and shelf-life to improve food quality and yield. Also we are incorporating in our business the nursery facilities to provide the best plants to our farms and growers.

Farms And Facilities

Season 2020-2021

Chech out season details


Our harvest season starts at the end of august with our growers partners in the north of Chile and ends at mid february with our later grower partners in the South of Chile, covering 7 month of production and a total of 1400 Kms along the country.

Our Farms
  • Cherries
  • Blueberries
  • Dagen
  • Kiwis
  • Chestnuts
  • Apples

2000 ton of packing capacity in strategic zones:
  • North Center of Chile: Limary and Quillota
  • South Center of Chile: Chillán and Lautaro

Centralized administration office:
  • Providencia, Santiago of Chile
Our Technology

BBC Packing machine, the most advanced technonogies are included in our proceses


Species Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
Blueberries * * *
D'agen Plums

*Local market

Meet the family

Jorge Salgado


Carolina Salgado

Fin & Admin Manager

Alejandra Salgado

Technical and R&D Manager